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Ciri-ciri yang menarik di dalam pasaran tukaran mata wang asing

the market operates the enormous money supply and gives absolute freedom within opening or closing a position in the current market quotation. High liquidity is a powerful magnet for any investor, because it gives him or her the freedom to open or to close a position of any size whatever.

with a 24-hour work schedule, participants in the FOREX market need not wait to respond to any given event, as is the case in many markets.

a possibility to trade round-the-clock; a market participant need not wait to respond to any given event.

Flexible regulation of the trade arrangement system:
a position may be opened for a pre-determined period of time in the FOREX market, at the investor’s discretion, which enables to plan the timing of one’s future activity in advance.

the Forex market has traditionally incurred no service charges, except for the natural bid/ask market spread between the supply and the demand price.

One-valued quotations:
with high market liquidity, most sales may be carried out at the uniform market price, thus enabling you to avoid the instability problem existing with futures and other forex investments where limited quantities of currency only can be sold concurrently and at a specified price.

Market trend:
currency moves in a quite specific direction that can be tracked for rather a long period of time. Each particular currency demonstrates its own typical temporary changes, which presents investment managers with the opportunities to manipulate the FOREX market.

the credit “leverage” (margin) in the FOREX market is only determined by an agreement between a customer and the bank or the brokerage house that pushes it to the market and is normally equal to 1:100. That means that, upon making a $1,000 pledge, a customer can enter into transactions for an amount equivalent to $100,000. It is such extensive credit “leverage”, that in conjunction with highly variable currency quotations, making this market highly profitable and also highly risky.

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